Eye With Orbit Model
The eye model is sectionalized into 8 parts: Superior Rectus & Exterior Straight Muscle, upper half of the Sclerotic Membrane, Chorid Membrane & Retina, Vitreous Humour, Lens, Orbit, and base. Numbers engraved on parts are keyed to the enclosed identification chart. This hand made eye model's detail & craftsmanship produce striking realism. Ideal for explaining ophthalmological procedures to patients, this professional's eye model is especially suited for a teaching environment.

Enlarged 3 times, all six muscles of the eye are represented. The Optic Nerve is shown up to the point where it enters the base of the skull.  Special durable Somso plastic can be washed with soap & water. 

Eye With Orbit Model

SKU: PY-112-237

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