Concept of Magnets And Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version

Instructions are also included for Science Fair activities and optional Probeware/Data-Logging activities. This educational kit contains materials and instructions suitable for safe hands-on inquiry-based experimentation into the nature and properties of magnets and electromagnetism. This kit is primarily aimed at students in Middle School but may be used by Elementary or High School students by slightly altering the instructions. Experiments that can be performed include how a compass works, why and how magnets react to things, is electricity magnetic, working of an electromagnet, can magnets generate electricity, analyzing a generator, construction of a motor etc. 

Items included in the Kit :- 

  • Dynamo Generator AC/DC-1.
  • Motor model-1.
  • Bar Magnet-2prs.
  • Horseshoe Magnet-1.
  • Aluminum Strip-1.
  • Iron Strip-1.
  • Copper Strip-1.
  • Zinc Strip-1.
  • Electromagnet-1.
  • Contact Key-1.
  • Magnetic Compass-2 & Oersteds Law Apparatus-1.

Concept of Magnets And Electromagnetism Kit Teacher Version

SKU: PY-116-582

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