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Pyrex Scientific, , has worked hard to become one of the leading distributors for quality control, test and measurement equipment for laboratory. Being exclusive agents to some of the leading manufacturers and Suppliers of Lab Glassware, Lab Chemicals, Educational Lab Equipments, TVET lab Equipments, Engineering Lab Equipments has offered Pyrex Scientific the opportunity to provide quality products with quality service.
We pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible service to make sure that your every Equipments need is met with satisfaction. Pyrex Scientific not only supplies quality instruments, but also offers services such as installation, testing, commissioning, training and calibration for the supplied instruments.
 Pyrex Scientific offers a variety of instruments suited for Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Research and Development laboratories across various industries, educational institutions, Hospital Labs
 Our commitment towards quality, makes us your perfect partner in lab solutions.
Mission & Values
Pyrex Scientific firmly believes that Quality is key in every aspect. It is vital in development of a strong business relationship and long-term achievement. The pursuit of quality drives us to make sure we provide nothing but the Best equipment and the Best service.
In todays’ world Quality is of utmost importance. We assure you of quality in the instruments we supply and services we provide. We aim to provide quality and to BE quality.

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